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Advanced medicine follows the holistic model rather than a partitioned model of health.

Aluminum in Drinking Water Connected to Dementia

Aluminum in Drinking Water Connected to Dementia: “Exposure to aluminum in drinking water can increase your person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, but silica could reduce the risk. In a recent study, researchers followed elderly subjects for 15 years to learn whether the…

Smoke Inhalation in Souther California


The recent fires in Montecito and Sylmar in Southern California have taken a terrible toal. Sylmar Fire Many people have lost there homes and in these economic times may not be able to recover. Countless thousands are also having to breathe in smoke…

Vaccination’s Possible Links to Childhood Behavioral Disorders

Study makes the case for further CDC investigation: links between vaccinations and neurobehavioral disorders? By Amanda June 26, 2007 Parents of children with ADD, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders have been asking the Centers for Disease Control to do further research into a…

More on Charles Bonnet Syndrome

In the year 1760, a Swiss naturalist named Charles Bonnet became concerned when his grandfather Charles Lullin began to experience a parade of “amusing and magical visions.” The eighty-nine-year-old Lullin was being visited by visions of people, birds, carriages, and buildings, all of which were invisible to everyone but him. Apparently these mysterious objects materialized spontaneously among the few bits of the world he was still able to perceive through his cataracts.

Studies suggest natural treatment for menopause

Studies suggest natural treatment for menopause:Studies suggest natural treatment for menopausePeter Rejcek9/4/2007 4:05:01 PMA couple of recent but unrelated studies have found that flaxseed and pine bark extract may help calm hot flashes and other symptoms associated with pre- and postmenopausal conditions.A small pilot study published in the summer issue of the Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology reported that the frequency of hot flashes fell by nearly 60 percent for postmenopausal women with hot flashes who took flaxseed but refrained from taking estrogen.”Hot flashes are a bothersome issue for women experiencing menopause,” said Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, the principal investigator for the Mayo Clinic team, in a release…. A 2006 study published in the journal Menopause reported that 99 postmenopausal women received no relief after eating muffins with 25 grams of crushed flax seeds for 16 weeks.Pruthi’s research team hopes to begin a new, larger clinical trial in 2008 to evaluate flaxseed against a placebo to better refine the results, and to determine whether flaxseed is a viable treatment option for hot flashes in women.In a study to be published in an upcoming issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, researchers found a possible link between pycnogenol, a pine bark extract from the French maritime pine tree, and the reduction of common symptoms associated with premenopause (also called perimenopause).The randomized, double-blind study involved 155 perimenopausal women.

Charles Bonnet syndrome—elderly people and visual hallucinations

Charles Bonnet syndrome—elderly people and visual hallucinations Anu Jacob, research fellow1, Sanjeev Prasad2, Mike Boggild, consultant neurologist3, Sanjeev Chandratre, consultant4 1 Department of Neurosciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L9 7LJ, 2 Care of the Elderly, Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax HX3 0PW, 3 Walton…