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Advanced medicine follows the holistic model rather than a partitioned model of health.

Any Doubts A Healthy Diet Lowers Your Cancer Risk?

Any Doubts A Healthy Diet Lowers Your Cancer Risk?An interesting piece in today’s New York Times tackles the somewhat disputed role of diet — in most conventional medical circles — in the fight against cancer.Unfortunately, the article compares the opinions of medical health…


An herb could be defined as ‘any useful plant’. “The Dictionary defines an ‘herb’ as a plant of which the leaves, stems or roots are used for food, medicine, scent or flavoring. All together there are thousands of herbs used every day by…

Aspirin Lowers Colon Cancer Risks, But At A Steep Price


Aspirin Lowers Colon Cancer Risks, But At a Steep PriceLast month, I told you about low dose aspirin not being the cancer preventative many assumed. A study in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association (see link below) has found taking over-the-counter…

Fiber Guards Against Colon Cancer – News

SUNDAY, Aug. 7 — Fiber is already recommended as part of a healthy diet, but new studies now show that along with its other benefits, dietary fiber helps prevent colon cancer. It was previously believed that dietary fiber did not help protect against…

Is American Cancer Society More About Cancer Profit Or Cancer Prevention?

Earlier this year we learned that cancer, not heart disease it the leading cause of death in Americans under 85. This article explores how agencies like the Amercian Cancer Society (ACS) have an eye for their own financial interests first. Why does the…

Controlling Your Right to buy Natural Health Products

There are laws being passed about the rather mysterious CODEX ALIIMENTARIUS wich seems to be an undercover commission attempting to control the natural supplement industry with intensive regulations which in effect would limit natural health alternatives and strengthen the drug industry. I found the letter below to be the most concise summary of the situation.
Dr Brian