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Articles Written by Dr. Brian Roettger

Oregano Oil

Have you heard about the power of Oregano Oil. Habitat: Native to Europe and naturalized in the middle east. Thrives in chalky soils near the sea.Main constituents: Volatile oil (carvacrol, thymol, betabisabolene, caryophyllene, linalool, and borneol), flavonoids, tannins, resin, sterols. Oregano wasused medicinally by the…

Folic Acid Metabolism

  Single Nucleodtide Polymorphisms or snips are variations in genetic nucleotide sequences that are associated with almost all diseases. These gentitic variations form proteins that have abnormal shapes making them unable to key and lock in normal functional responses. Folic acid metabolism has…

How’s Your Health?

by Dr. Brian Roettger DC, HMD With all our dependence on otc, prescription, recreational drugs, and natural supplements, actual health gets lost in the maize. For the majority of Americans, the prevalent philosophical outlook on medicine is the quick fix. Just give me…