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The S (spine or spike) proteins (shown sticking out like mushroom stalks from the round virus) have high homology with the SARS virus. These are the proteins that make up the “key” that binds with the ACE2 receptors in humans to enter the cell.
This contributes to the organ failure we see with infected persons as it drives the virus into the cells of the lungs and other organs such as the heart and kidneys which also have ACE2 receptors.

Practical Tips for COVID19.

It is spread human to human via liquid droplets from coughing or sneezing. Attaches to ACE-2 receptors in the lungs and then duplicates inside the affected cells, destroys the tissue and attacks the immune system. It can be killed inside the body by lymphocytes (killer cells, T cells) which detect the infected cells and then attack them by injecting them with enzymes that destroy and dissolve them. So keeping your immune system frosty during this time is a good idea. (less alcohol, no smoking, plenty of water, antioxidants, vitamins/minerals, helpful herbs, and a well-balanced diet if possible.

Anyone Interested in Some Facts About Climate Change?

 From ice core samples, (measurements which were made prior to 1950), the levels have been between 250–300 ppm for thousands of years (quite stable). (There are some controversies over the accuracy of using ice core samples). So the general consensus backed by evidence would show that CO2 levels have increased sharply during the last few hundred years. So if we take 250ppm increasing to 400ppm we get 37.5% increase (or what is commonly heard, 40% increase over the last several hundred years).

My Father Looked A Lot Like A Kennedy

a light also went out of our lives, as our parents and their generation fell into cynicism. No wonder our psyches rebelled under the corrupt satis quo that had killed our parents dreams, JFK, MLK, Robert Kennedy. The brightest lights of the generation.


Hey!! Does anyone care about the Malibu beaches? Remember the clear view of Catalina, the beautiful sunsets on the beaches of Malibu. The legendary surf beaches with the gorgeous unobstructed views of the ocean. Well guess what? The BHP Cabrillo project is going…


An herb could be defined as ‘any useful plant’. “The Dictionary defines an ‘herb’ as a plant of which the leaves, stems or roots are used for food, medicine, scent or flavoring. All together there are thousands of herbs used every day by…