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Health conditions and information related to these conditions.

Quick Study: Yoga may help ease the debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia

After eight weeks, standardized scales showed greater declines in pain, tenderness, fatigue, stiffness and depression, and bigger improvements in sleep, memory, balance, strength and vigor among the women practicing yoga.

Alcohol Is More Harmful Than Heroin, Crack

Alcohol is more harmful both to the individual and to others than heroin and crack, according to a new study published online November 1 in The Lancet.

Metal pollution tied to Parkinsons disease

  Metal pollution tied to Parkinson’s disease: “People living near a steel factory or another source of high manganese emissions are at higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, suggests a new study.   As many as one million Americans live with the degenerative…

High exposure to BPA linked to low sperm count

  High exposure to BPA linked to low sperm count: “Health Search Drug Search Explore and compare medications Chinese factory workers exposed to high levels of the plastics chemical BPA had low sperm counts, according to the first human study to tie it…

Phys Ed: Your Brain on Exercise – Well Blog – NYTimes.com

07 - brainmri.jpg

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Jim Wehtje/Getty Images What goes on inside your brain when you exercise? That question has preoccupied a growing number of scientists in recent years, as well as many of us who exercise. In the late 1990s, Dr. Fred Gage and…

New Warning About Everyday Poison Linked to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and Autism

New Warning About Everyday Poison Linked to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and Autism: “ Dr. David Ayoub is a radiologist and a physician, and has become a specialist on the additives and preservatives used in vaccines. He was a presenter at the National Vaccine Information…