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Health conditions and information related to these conditions.


RESEARCHERS IDENTIFY SPECIFIC NEURONS WHICH ACTIVATE FERTILITY MASTER SWITCH. Posted on October 6, 2015 by Healthinnovations Leave a comment In general, infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant after one year of unprotected sex.  Causes of infertility or reproductive problems include…

Flu Shot Doesn’t Work So Your Job Should You Choose to Accept It Is to find Something Else It Does

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In the wake of the obsessive push to give everyone a flu shot that doesn’t work and the pathological attempt to find something else the flu shot might do, like prevent pneumonia, Doctors are looking more and more like desperate drug pushers. Oh…

Stopping Hormone Therapy Linked to Cardiovascular Death

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The first year following cessation of hormone therapy is a risky year for women.

Low Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Decline

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Megan Brooks|September 14, 2015 Dr Joshua Miller Their findings were published online September 14 in JAMA Neurology. Low vitamin D levels are very common in older adults, especially African Americans and Hispanics, and are associated with accelerated decline in episodic memory and executive function, the…

New Zealand Study Shows the Greatest Threat to the Elderly is Drug Treatment

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Treatment itself, not treatment error or negligence, according to an analysis of no-fault claims data from New Zealand. For full study see  link at bottom of article. These findings were published in the October issue of the Annals of Family Medicine. Katharine Ann…

Fish and fish oils are good for you. However in today’s polluted environment there are some concerns. I love fish so this drives me nuts, but its a must know.

Fish and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) – Mayo Clinic mayoclinic.org · September 4, 2015 Nutrition-wise blog Our recent blog post on eating fish during pregnancy prompted one reader to ask why we didn’t mention that salmon is high in dangerous PCBs. So what are…