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Health treatment suggestions.

Red wine compound may combat obesity, extend life, says mice study

Red wine compound may combat obesity, extend life, says mice study: Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine, extended survival rates of mice and prevented weight-gain from high-calorie diets, says a new study published in Nature. The study, described by an independent expert…

Raine Study: Breastfeeding boosts mental health

Raine Study: Breastfeeding boosts mental health: A new study has found that babies that are breastfed for longer than six months have significantly better mental health in childhood. The findings are based on data from the ground-breaking Raine Study at the Telethon Institute…

Flu vaccines ‘not worth the bother’ says expert | the Daily Mail

There is little medical evidence that the vaccines have any kind of beneficial effect, even for vulnerable people with asthma and cystic fibrosis, he said.Vaccines given to children under the age of two have the same effect as if they were given a dummy drug, he added.Tom Jefferson, co-ordinator of the vaccines field of the highly-respected Cochrane Collaboration, called for an “urgent” re-evaluation of vaccination campaigns.Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), he said that, because influenza viruses mutate and vary from year to year, it was difficult for scientists to study the precise effects of vaccines.Most studies are of poor quality, and there is little comparative evidence on the safety of the vaccines, he said…. He continued: “A similar philosophy is the ‘we have to make decisions and cannot wait to have perfect data’ approach.”In a separate background paper, Dr Jefferson said: “Reviews show a consistent picture of modest or no effect of inactivated vaccines and poor quality of the original studies, especially those that are not randomised controlled trials.”Referring to the gap between policy and evidence, he said that “given the huge resources involved in yearly vaccination campaigns, a re-evaluation should be urgently undertaken”.Earlier this month, there were fears that vulnerable people in the UK might have to wait for flu jabs after the Government confirmed stocks would arrive late.The jab is given to high-risk groups first, including the over-65s, people with respiratory conditions such as asthma, and those with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Obesity Rates Increase in 31 States

Obesity Rates Increase in 31 States: “ Obesity Rates Increase in 31 States The newest report to measure state obesity rates gave most states a failing grade: the percentage of obese adults in 31 states increased in the past year. As a result,…

Painting the Soul

Natural Archetypes – The Art and Soul of Elle Nicolaϊ By Brett Simpson A heart beat. It is one pattern that we all feel. There are many other patterns. Through the heart of each of us love flows both primal and eternal. Touching…


Hey!! Does anyone care about the Malibu beaches? Remember the clear view of Catalina, the beautiful sunsets on the beaches of Malibu. The legendary surf beaches with the gorgeous unobstructed views of the ocean. Well guess what? The BHP Cabrillo project is going…