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Health treatment suggestions.

BBC NEWS | Health | Robot to carry out heart surgery

Robot to carry out heart surgeryA robotic arm able to carry out an intricate life-saving heart operation is being pioneered by UK surgeons.

Science News: Phages break up plaques

When Solomon examined the mice after 1 year of treatment, they had 80 percent fewer plaques than untreated mice did.Immune cells in the brain cleared the phages along with the plaque fragments, says Solomon. She found no evidence of harmful inflammation in the other organs of the animals, which had been a possibility because the immune system usually reacts strongly to phages.”The phages are going into the brain, they do their work,” and then the body gets rid of them, Solomon says.

Science News: Sticky treatment for staph infections

VastagHoney made by bees pollinating a New Zealand bush can gum up bacteria, offering a potential new therapy for difficult-to-treat infections.A scourge of hospitals, the pathogen called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus defies most antibiotics. But a handful of ease reports notes that slather-ing manuka-bush honey on wound dressings seems to reverse staph infection.The edible honey failed to sell in New Zealand because of its bitter taste, but for hospitals, it may be just what the doctor ordered.Rose Cooper of the University of Wales Institute at Cardiff turned an electron microscope on S.

Diabetes Drug Avandia — Side Effect Reports Triple

Reporting suspected side effects of a drug is voluntary and completely unenforced, which leads to a rather haphazard, incomplete and incorrect evaluation of the real damage being inflicted.Avandia has been on the market for eight years, even though GlaxoSmithKline’s own analysis indicated heightened cardiac risks at least a year before the New England Journal study was published…. Yet the FDA stood idly by, allowing an untold number of individuals to put their lives at risk. No doubt thousands have already lost their lives unnecessarily.Not only is type 2 diabetes completely preventable, but it is virtually curable for anyone who is willing to put in the hard time and work and recovering their insulin and leptin sensitivity.

Compound From Olive-Pomace Oil Inhibits HIV Spread

Scientists from the University of Granada in Madrid found that the compound, which is extracted from dry olive-pomace oil in olive oil mills, can slow down the spreading of AIDS in the body by 80 percent.Nature is certainly full of powerful, potential cures (not to mention preventative methods) for a host of diseases…. Avoiding grains and sugars is one of the primary ways to do this, as sugar immediately decreases the functioning of your immune system.Following a healthy diet is also of utmost important for anyone battling HIV (or any other chronic illness, for that matter).It may surprise you to learn that the most common cause of death among HIV-positive patients is liver failure, caused by taking toxic drugs.

Drug Companies Pay off Doctors To Use Potentially Harmful Anemia Drug


Two of the world’s largest drug companies are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to doctors every year in return for giving their patients anemia medicines, which regulators now say may be unsafe at commonly used doses. By ALEX BERENSON and ANDREW POLLACK…