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Interesting developments in science and biology.

Phys Ed: Your Brain on Exercise – Well Blog – NYTimes.com

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By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Jim Wehtje/Getty Images What goes on inside your brain when you exercise? That question has preoccupied a growing number of scientists in recent years, as well as many of us who exercise. In the late 1990s, Dr. Fred Gage and…

House holds hearing on broken toxic law

House holds hearing on broken toxic law: “ Special to Enviroblog by Sandra Schubert, EWG Director of Government Affairs Yesterday’s hearing in the House of Representatives clearly showed the need for reform of TSCA. All ten witnesses – representatives from labor, the environmental…

Logic Dictates a Powerful Genetic Force at Work in Obesity

The adoptees were as fat as their biological parents, and how fat they were had no relation to how fat their adoptive parents were.The scientists summarized it in their paper: œThe two major findings of this study were that there was a clear relation between the body-mass index of biologic parents and the weight class of adoptees, suggesting that genetic influences are important determinants of body fatness; and that there was no relation between the body-mass index of adoptive parents and the weight class of adoptees, suggesting that childhood family environment alone has little or no effect.In other words, being fat was an inherited condition.Dr…. Going much above or much below the natural weight range is difficult, however; the body resists by increasing or decreasing the appetite and changing the metabolism to push the weight back to the range it seeks.The message is so at odds with the popular conception of weight loss ” the mantra that all a person has to do is eat less and exercise more ” that Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, an obesity researcher at the Rockefeller University, tried to come up with an analogy that would convey what science has found about the powerful biological controls over body weight.He published it in the journal Science in 2000 and still cites it:œThose who doubt the power of basic drives, however, might note that although one can hold one™s breath, this conscious act is soon overcome by the compulsion to breathe, Dr. Friedman wrote.

FDA and Special Interests

It is estimated that in America last year, nearly $2 trillion was spent on health care — and virtually all that money was spent on treating disease.1 Despite this massive expenditure on treatment, more Americans are sicker than ever before with diseases that…

Anger Can Damage Your Lungs

Anger Can Damage Your Lungs: “ Anger’Can Damage’Your Lungs In the latest study to show just how big of an impact your emotions can have on your physical health, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that anger and hostility actually…

Health Problems In Rats Fed Genetically Engineered Corn

MONSANTO “CONFIDENTIAL REPORT” REVEALS HEALTH PROBLEMS IN RATS FED GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CORN By Geoffrey Lean Environment Editor The Independent (London) 22 May 2005 Health fears over secret study into GM food Rats fed GM corn due for sale in Britain developed abnormalities in…